Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Studio Calico October Kit!

This is Studio Calico's kit for October and I love it so cool, check it out! (below). This little baby will be mine in a few weeks!
The main kit:

Add-on kit:

Add-on kit:

Add-on kit:

Stamps I brought this month:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scarlet Lime Kit .....

It's 3am, I fall asleep early on the lounge, on my back, with a heat bag on my neck and deep heat (pain relief gel) on my neck and upper back. I'm now stiff and sore and it's hard to keep my mind off what happened! I'm feeling sorry for myself so I thought I would jump on the puter and post this scarlet lime peep.....

This is the peep for the Scarlet Lime October kit and it looks beautiful! I love the oranges, blues and aqua! The papers work really pretty together, and I can't wait to see the emblishments, which is my favourite part! I really heart the clock stamp ;) I am getting quite the collection of cute unique little stamps now! :)

This is the project kit for October, I have no idea what it will be>? The little stamp has a section for journalling so maybe a mini album>? :)

I haven't recieved a kit from scarlet lime yet, I am still waiting on this beautuful kit below! It's very pretty (and I don't do pretty much) so it will be interesting how I use it! I can do vintage really well so that's a plus! Vintage seems like the 'it' thing at the moment!! Not vintage with bright colours thrown in but, vintage, vintage!! ;)

This is septembers project I am still waiting for.....

Lisa xoxox

Friday, September 18, 2009

Car accident today!

Today I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed! My lounge is a mess due to the fact that I am giving it a yearly spring clean! It's making m grrrr, especially when I got up this morning totally exhausted from this weeks cleaning and I still have that left to do! Anyway I was in a mood already when I went to go to the chemist and then collect my kids from school! Then on the way to the chemist I drove passed a petrol station and then I heard this skid. These 18 year old P platers did and skid coming out of the petrol station and when I didn't give way to them they pulled out anyway, yelling and screaming at me, causing me to move out of their way (they almost hit the side of my car in the process!!!). They drove in front of me (casing me to brake) then they did something totally crazy, they speed up and somehow cut across my car did a half a circle to get infront of the car infront of me>?? OMG!!! Then they abused that poor couple. We drove a down the rode, and because of all this I missed my chemist turn off. I got in the side lane to "try" and turn, then these guys like charged at my car! They hit my car on purpse. The left side of my car hit the right back side of their car! I believe they either thought I was trying to over take them or they tried to stop me from turing!

The had a new hired holden car (another car accident>?), I got their i.d and they left! The couldn't careless it wasn't THEIR CAR!!! I am upset, and my back, neck and shoulders hurt! I am going to the doctor tommorrow!

But I am not worrying that's what I have SGIC for, I also have a witness (the car in front of me) and the lovely police!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Last House on the Left!!!!

I'm a massive horror/thiller movie fan! I just finished watching 'The Last House on the Left' and all I have top say is wow this movie is freakin distrubing, scary, edge of your seat thiller!

This is how it starts:

After settling their affairs, Emma, John and Mari Collingwood head out on vacation to their lake house. Shortly after arriving, Mari borrows the family car and drives into town to spend time with her friend Paige. While Paige works the cash register at a local store, she and Mari meet Justin a teenager passing through the town who invites them both back to his hotel room to smoke some weed. While the three are hanging out in the hotel room, Justin's family members return: Krug, Justin’s father; Francis, Justin’s uncle; and Sadie Krug’s girlfriend.

Mmmm....... what happens you'll have to watch!

ps: I was asked for i.d to watch this film! I'm not kidding! Grrr, crazy I am 31!!! I get asked sometimes when I go and get beer for Niall! My hairdresser thought that Niall was my dad and so did the guy at telstra shop who did out mobile phone contracts! (I didn't have the heart to tell him). I think it's funny, lucky Niall does to! He is 13 years older then me, but according to other people it's more like 20-30 years lol!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

decor love

I always looking for inspirational home photo's, as I love home decor design! I want my home to be a little modern, a little vintage, a little granny chic and arty! Which means, I love funky thift shop buys, handmade items, art and ikea. The decor I like isn't very expensive, it just takes a little bit ary flair I believe! I found this cute little wooden date turner (below). A great find at $4! I love it!!! I buy little bits as I see them! I alternate them around my home and puts things in boxes in our shed when I don't want it displayed! (Maybe one day when I don't want my cute vintage finds I might sell them on etsy, for someone else to love!).

I spring! I have been spring cleaning all week! I love a nice clean and organised home! I have done bits and pieces around the home! Right now I am cleaning out my scrap supplies! Omg! I can't wait until that's finished so I can move on!

Love Lisa xoxox

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspired by......

These rockin stalls! I love, love, love, them! I found them on flickr yesterday!!
I saw this pic last night and today I went to a thift store and found three brightly coloured stalls (yellow, red and blue). These stalls are in really beautiful condition, but the pads on top are gross (with country chickens on them). I'm going to ask my neighbour (who crochets) if she could make little blacket like these to go on top! (and somehow I'll staple them on). I don't know the neighbour really well but she is really nice and I made her a mini album for her dog and she gave me a crochet blacket for mia (my dog) with a little crochet dog on it! (sooo awesome!). I'll buy her the wool and pay her $50 so I think that's a good deal! The pad blankets would be very small! Maybe I could ask for a crochet pillow to ;)

I love granny chic decor! I'll post more ideas that I love both inside the home and outdoors! (there is so many)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Main Kit:

Add-on Kit:

Project kit:

I just recieved my August Kenner Road Kit about an hour ago and I'm in love > so many cool things to play with, esp the stamps, I heart the rockin stamps!
KFC for tea;
and I will scrap if I can stay awake tonight! I was soooo tired last night!
Lisa xoxoxo

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kenner Road Peeps!

Elementary: Main kit.

Clean Slate: September Add-on.

Pencil box: Emblishment kit.

Cautionary Tale: Speciality kit.

Love the peeps here, I am looking forward to my next kit! Any kit please!!! I am waiting on my August kenner road kit which should be here any day now. Studio Calico sent my September kit a few days ago. Scarlet Lime should have sent there kits, but I'm not to sure>? The above September kenner road kit comes out on the 14th, so I'll buy that!
So lots of things to keep Lisa happy for a while ;)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vintage Ruby September Main kit

I have been sick this whole week with a bloodly bug! .......and because I have been sick I didn't even think to check the Scarlet Lime website to see the whole of the main kit for September! I'm really in love! I might focus all the layouts I do with this kit about my nana who passed away a month or so ago! (a few days before Micheal Jackson). My nana was a real lady who loved to dress up in beautiful clothes and fancy shoes. She was apparently the envy of the neighbourhood. Back then no one could afford beautiful clothes like she wore, but my nana's secret was that she could not only sew like a pro she could also make her own patterns thus design her own clothes!!!!
I have only recieved 1 kit so far! My studio calico kits! ;) I got that last Friday and then fell ill > go bloody figure! I have done 1 layout and altered a little ATC tin, so far! I'll post when I have done all the layouts I can do with the kit! ie; I'll post all that I have created in 1 post!
;) Have a good Friday! Love ya!