Friday, March 30, 2007

More stuff:

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got prescribed an anti-depessant called Cipramil. I know a few people that use it. (It treats anxiety and major PMS problems). So fingers crossed it works! I am in the pre-period stage now and hate it! I think I am doing ok for now, but as my period gets closer I get worse then a day or two before I start to get a bit better again.

Last Night:
The boys , Neil and I went over to my brothers house for dinner. I forgot to bring my camera (grrrrr) but Emily, my brothers girlfriend loves astro boy and has little astro boy figures all around her house. (so cute). She blends it in well with all of her other bit and pieces. My brother has a wii, man they are so fun, so much so that Neil wants to buy one tommorrow (and he doesn't even like to play games). * I will update if we get one > :D *

Scrapbooking and stuff:
This is the little bookshelf I was talking about. I punched some PP squares and placed them at the back. Then I put paper vanish over the top to act as a coat. I added sequins around the edges, to make it look pretty.
*I haven't made the mini album's to go on the shelf yet*

It will eventually hold 2 mini wooden albums on each shelf.
Treasure Boxes:
I have found a new little passion. Treasure boxes. I think they will make great little mini albums, with a twist! I will post when I have altered one!

I have done a couple of layouts I just need to add a few touches on them then I will share!

Have a good weekend. I can't believe it's Friday already.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wooden mini album :)

I made this mini album a few weeks back. It's a little wooden album I brought at spotlight for $3.00. (They are so awesome girls!).
{Front Cover}
{Inside; I have scanned it flat. Three nice pics of the boys}

{Three fun pics of the boys}

{Neil and the boys}

{Me and the boys}

{Back cover}
Will post again tommorrow :)
Lisa xoxoxo

Doctor > :(

*I am going to the doctor this afternoon*
I can't wait to get this hormonal stuff fixed up once and for all. I will be prescribed another anti-depressant. (I haven't taken any medication for months). I have to be so careful about the medications I am prescribed because they have had devastating consequences in the past. In May of 05 I was prescribed just an general anti-depressant. That anti-depressant made me suicidal, it almost killed me. I had to go and get tests done to find the right medication for me. I was hospitalised while that process took place. It took 4 months to get it right. By the time they had found the right one for me the gave me 3 times the normal dose to get me back on tract. What shocks me is how many GP's prescribe them to unknown people and don't even mointor their process. What is even more scary is that people don't even know that anti-depressant can have the opposite effect in some people. "Zoloft" (which is one of the most common types of antit-depressants) has had so many cases of this happen (even muder). Mmmmmm not good!
Can you tell I am nervous >?

I am sharing so much of "me" > put I am hoping it will be a process that ends up > with a good ending! I have come so far in 10 months, I can't wait to 'get better' and see what I can 'really do' with my life!

I know that I will be amazing I just need to be given a chance!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Get Away :)

On Saturday afternoon Neil and I went driving around and we found this awesome pub in the middle of let me tell u > 'nothing'. This pub gets two vistors a day, lol! More on the weekend etc. It is family owned and Hertiage listed > now this is an Australian pub! It was stunning! (I took heaps of pics). Neil was in heaven!

This photo of us was taken down by the water front at Waikerie!

This was taken at Pelican Point Resort! Stunning > I think! I am going to enlarge this pic and the pub one above to put on the wall! :)

I can't seem to post alot of pics at one time and in one post due to blogger problems!
xoxox Lisa.

{She's a Beautiful Girl}

Neil and I got back from Waikerie last night! I have the flu!

I did this layout on Thurday night! I had so much fun putting it together! Layout is of me > of course! The little journalling strips are from the song 'Suddenly I See' (it's my favourite song right now). I have two pics when I was a baby and two as a toddler with my mum and my dad! (I have been scanning old slides). I totally loved the retro fabric/paper I thought it would be awesome for this LO :) I used heaps and heaps of buttons and jewels and the cool frames are by pressed petals. (it also comes with a sander so u can sand the edges of the frames). Wicked!

Click for a close-up :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Away > Shopping > and Scrapbooking!

Weekend away :)
Busy day today! Neil and I are off to Wakerie just the two of us, tommorrow night to get away for the weekend! Neil has a caravan up there! (Wakerie happens to be the place my ex grew up > go figure). Neil also has a boat which we are towing up there to see how she goes in the water! (I haven't been in Neils boat before). It will be staying up there until easter when we will be down again with family and friends! Neil has a doughnut and a knee board and we intend on buying more fun things for the boat! So good to be with a man that likes to have fun! We are gradually going to buy camping things and other fun outdoor type stuff, to get away and live life! I am thinking about buying two person canoe :) I think I might start off with a bike first ;) Everyone in our family has a new bike and helmet except me!

Shopping and Scrapping:
When Neil got home from work he had to go outside and work on the boat! So while he did that I went shopping for 2 hrs by myself! I brought myself a new pair of glasses today, not expensive one's just yet! I love them! I want so many of them! ;) I also brought some make-up, bracelets and a bag (which was like $6.00 (marked down from $30) and is so cool). I brought my cat Olivia a new blanket (to stop her putting hair on my bed) and a red tartan collar! (I haven't put it on her yet, will take a pic tommorow). It was so nice to go shopping! I got home had dinner and while Neil watched a movie I scrapped on the coffee table! I have planned 5 layouts! I have printed out the pics, picked the papers, and emblishments etc! All I have to do now is to spend ages putting them together! lol! I am doing my first layout now and have almost finished it!

My dad and Me:
I have been scanning up the slides my mum gave me yesterday! I have compared a pic of me (aged 20) and my dad (aged 28). We look so much alike! I knew that we did, but not this much! omg! What do u think>?

LOvE mE!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Day > Today :)

Good day today! I had to finish off some work at home in the morning and then I headed off down to my mum's house to finalise my cheque for my property settlement! It is all over now! (Thank god). Mum and I had a nice lunch at the Goodwood Hotel ;)

Mum was a bit shocked about what happened to her on Sunday night! She went out to dinner and some food got stuck down her windpipe. Mum couldn't breathe, she was calm but in shock! Everyone around her went into shock watching her~! My dad wrapped his arms around her back 4 times to try and push it out with no luckl! He then hit her back hard and it came out! If my dad wasn't there mum would have died! I still can't believe it and my mum is still in shock! (anyway I brought her lunch and a wine today > poor thing).

On the way home I stopped off at the scrapbook station :) I thought "stuff it", I will buy myself a few nice things while I am up this way and I did! I brought a Maya Road 8x8 chipboard album, a circle tin album and some nice PP's and other cool little accents I can make my own! On the way back it took something like 40 minutes to get home due to a 5 or 6 car pile up! Agh, poor things, I glad it wasn't me! When I got home I had to rush out again (before the shops closed), to do some banking and put my car in to get some new tyres! While that was happening Neil and I had a drink at a cafe across the road! *Simple pleasures* After that Neil played out in the shed while I played on the computer with my photo's! I am so glad we can *do our own things* and still be happy!

These are my pics for the challenge on Scrapbook Station:
"Get your camera out! Show me your favourite item(s) in you house!"
{My favourite picture, it's just so beautiful}
{I love this it's so arty and me. She is really heavy on the wall}

{This is my awesome pink budda head, I brought the other day}

{This is a close-up of the head ;) I glued on all the sequins and copper beads! It took 4eva!}

{This is my vase women. I love her she is just so > funky!
She was hand-made by a women named Eve in 1994}

That's it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today :)

Today / Little Story:
Bit of a slow day today! I have Neil's best mate coming around for tea tonight! He is "single" and in his mid 40's Adelaide girls! :D He is such awesome guy and has the best personality!

He told me this story last time I saw him: When he was 21 his Girlfriend went off the pill so that she could become pregnant. Dave had only known her for a few months! Omg! Anyway, she had the baby and then left him! Dave wanted custody of the baby because she didn't 'really' want him! The mother would go to the pub, get drunk and pick up, while the baby would crawl around on the floor and sleep under the tables! Wtf! Dave was so angry! He had to pay the stupid women just to see his own son! Then one day when the mother met a new guy she decided that she wanted to live up in Darwin with him. She brought a two person ute and listen to this "they brought some rope to tie the little boy up in, so that he could go in the ute without any touble." Dave found out and told her he would take the baby, so that she could get settled up in Darwin. She agreed, Dave couldn't believe it! He went straight to the police and then hired a lawyer to gain custody of the baby boy! The stupid bloody mother came back to Adeliade to get her son. But Dave was awarded full custody of him because of her lifestyle and because her OWN family wanted Dave to have him. Now Dave's son is 24 and is just about to travel around the world! He hasn't seen his mother since! Dave and his son are the best of mates :D What an amazing story hey>? :)

Mini Album:
I made this Little Valentines Mini Album a while back! I thought I would scan it and post it here! It has pics, journalling and little bits and pieces I collected from the day! :D

Art and Craft Stuff: I have almost finished the little wall bookself thingy that will hold 6 little wooden mini album's. I just need to add a few finishing touches! Then I will need to buy a hook and get Neil to hang it up. (He loves it). I still need to finish the 6 mini wooden albums that will sit on the self. (I have brought them and printed out the photo's and journalling, I just have to put it all together). 1 mini Album will be of me and Neil, 1 of Callum, 1 of Owen, 1 of Caleb, 1 of my parents and 1 of my brother and his girlfriend! :) The bookself will go on a wall between the kitchen and family room! :) I will post the mini albums as I finish them!

More scanned pic's: I scanned another bunch of negatives! It takes 30 plus minutes just to do 1 set! Soooo I am going very slowly!

These are some pics of my boys from Easter 2003!

{Caleb not a Happy Bunny}
{Caleb 9 Months}
{Owen age three}

That's all folks!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Another layout I am on a roll ain't I>? :D na, lol, I love the smaller size! It is so such easier to scrap! I just want to convey a meaning in art, do the journalling, pretty it up and place it into my album > to look back at one day! Omg it's so much "fun" scanning LO's in this size, no > stiching the buggers together! Love it :)

Anyway! This is another layout that has alot of meaning to me! Well the journalling does anyway! Neil loves Cold Play, so I sat in the car one weekend and listened to the songs. 'One song really hit me', > so to speak! It is called the Scientist! I love the start of the song, which goes: "Come up to meet you, tell you I'll sorry, You don't know how lovely you are, I had to find you, tell you I need ya, And tell you I set you apart". It reminds me of Neil! This man makes me feel so special and makes me feel like his princess. I feel like he has set me apart from all others and that I feel so lovely in his eyes :) In the journalling I also wrote about being single after 10 years years and what that felt like! I also wrote that being single made me stronger, put my on my feet again, and made me 'Lisa' again! Love that > Life's leason! You have to take bad situations and make the best out of them! Learn from them and don't make the same mistake twice! For me that is: "I will NEVER, EVER be with a man that lacks warmth and compassion". I would rather be by myself > thank you very much!

Love me xoxo

Sunday, March 18, 2007


On Friday night my parents had tea at out house (yummy Chinese) and took the boys back with them to their house for the night. Neil and I had a fun night being > totally stupid! Then we had to drive into the city at 11pm to collect Callum from the bus. (agh, to late I think). We got back at midnight and I started watching a movie until 2am in the morning!

On Saturday my boys came back from mum and dad's, they had been to a fair and had their faces painted! (Owen was a power ranger and Caleb had a skull head, lol!). We went to maca's for lunch and they boys spent the afternoon playing x-box, watching a DVD and kicking the football. I started to watch a DVD in my room and start punching out squares for my craft project (that will hold little mini albums on the wall). That ended when all three boys came in and wanted to watch the movie with me, lol! Caleb start brushing my hair and wanted to put all sorts of crap in it from the bathroom> NO WAY MATE!

On saturday night we went to the snow dome! Ice skating is sooooooooo hard! Neil did it to > so totally funny! He went around the rink twice holding the edges! (A funny sight, I pissed myself laughing). The ice skates kill ya feet, I didn't enjoy it at all! I slipped over on my butt about 4 times! They boys slipped over every minute, lol! Caleb my 4 year old is such a dare devil, he is going to be so good at sport! Everyone loved him there, esp all the teenage girls! (they thought he was totally cute). The teenage guys thought he was so cool, they even helped him up when he fell! We stayed for 2 hrs and then left, Caleb was crying his eyes out cos he didn't wanna leave. (even though he was soaked from the knees down).

Sunday morning, Caleb has bruises all over his legs and arms from last night! omg! We have just had a chill-out day today! I watched a DVD and did some scrapbooking and the boys have had fun playing all day together and with the puppy! Not our puppy, but Callum's new little puppy! His name is Tyson and he is only 8 weeks old! Totally cute hey!

I am getting a puppy soon, I just have to wait for the perfect one! I would love a Yorkshire Terrier but they start from $1200 for a female purebred and I want two dogs! Soooo mmm to expensive for me :(


Hope everyone had a good relaxing and or fun weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Friday :)

So much stuff has been happening latetly that I haven't blogged about! I am the type of person that is either doing things or thinking about the stuff I need to be doing!

My Boys:
I took this photo of my boys this morning! Owen off to school and Caleb off to kindy. Looking at these two big boys makes me so proud! These boys are going to grow up and be strong, tall, men, who will look after and protect me! (they do now). I am so totally lucky that these two are mine, they are so caring, compassionate and super intelligent!

My blog:
I love this blog so much, I am enjoying the process of writting and sharing my life with others! To everyone who takes the time to leave a comment so thank you, all so much! *It makes me very happy*

Adeliade Scrappers:
I am so proud to be an Adeliade chic, esp an Adelaide scrapper! Us Adeliade girls are supportive of each others work, and no ego's, love that and love u girls!

Thank god the weekend is here! We have all three boys and no major plans as of yet! My boys are going to the movies tonight. Have to do something really fun with the boys on Saturday night, but I am not sure what yet>? Any good ideas>?

Scrapbooking and stuff:
I have made a few mini albums that I will take a pic of share when I find my bloody camera re-charger, grrrr! lol! I have also started another canvas, I am bad for that! I have also been buying so many cool little things for around my home! (will share soon). I brought a really big pink budda head yesterday and covered the head with gold sequins and copper beads, it looks out of this world! It will be going on my tall cupboard in my bedroom! Last weekend I brought a little bookself (from an anqiue place) for the wall to hold some mini wooden albums! This weekend I will try a get a start on the mini albums! (will post the end result).

Five months ago I brought myself a decent scanner so that I could scan all of my beloved negatives, alter them and put them onto a CD. Well I just learnt how to use it. Well should I say I took the time to read the instructions. :D A few days ago I scanned my first neagtives onto CD and I am just so *happy*. Now I will be able to print my negative pics out myself, > ohh so totally cool. All of my boys baby pics etc, are on film. I plan on putting each film onto a seperate CD, putting it in a CD cover and placing an index print on the front with the year and month. That way I will be able to find the pics I want to use fast. So far I have scanned 1 set of negatives! They are of Caleb my youngest boy when he was a wee baby back in 2002!

Here are a few of my favourite pics from this set:

{Caleb and the dropped lip, I have a similar baby pic to this one.
Neil said that Caleb looks just like me when he saw this photo, lol.}

{that's my mum holding him}
{and again}
I can feel some baby layouts coming on!
Love me xoxox

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finally a NEW Layout :)

No period looming, so I am 100% Lisa this week! I am feeling totally amazing! (It's totally sucky big a woman sometimes). I have booked into a brillant doctor for next week! I need some medication to help fix the problem, at the moment I have nothing to help the situation! :( It's weird when one week u struggle to function normally and the next week I am planning a holiday to Tibet and reading Human Rights lecture notes :D

*Big Smile* A layout finished! I love the smaller sized format so much better then 12x12, because I liked to add lots of detail in my creations! Anyway, I love what this layout represents! It's my parents and my two boys in September 2002 and in November 2006! We have such an amazing bond in our family!
{Click on layout for close-up}


Now I just have to get my Aussie Sare LO done, the topic is just to amazing to past down:
"A window to my soul".
*Louise will email u tonight :D*

Monday, March 12, 2007

I have to do it.....

I have taken 30 minutes to myself to write in my blog this morning. (I think I need to write in it more often).
I had such a crappy week last week and I needed to get so much stuff done. My body suffers so bad from the pre-period stage, that is beyond a joke. So bad that I have to ring the doctor to book myself in to see a specialist. I am so upset, it is causing me so much emotional pain. It is so severe that it limits my ability to function normally. This happens a week - two weeks before my period is due. (which is like half the month, half the year and half my life). *I need to stop making excuses and go and do it* It's such a shame thing for me, I know it's not my fault but I hate seeing doctors. I think I hate the whole sick, venerable state. I am such a bugger like that.

It feels good to be able to express my feelings here abit, esp to a band of women.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some Inspiration.....

Australian Vogue Magazine:
I am such a lover of abstract art! I brought this months copy of Australian Vogue Living and fell in LOVE! I can't wait to start decorating my space!

{Leanne hope this one inspires you to get that canvas out of the garage! How cool hey>?}

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Layout number #3 of 10!

Tha art of motherhood:
I did this layout 3 years ago! I love this layout because it has my feelings about motherhood, when motherhood was new to me! It was a time of madness! Even though I love my boys to death I am so glad my life is not like that anymore! *Crap scans's sorry, but I have added two close-up's.*

{Close-up of title on page #1}

{Close-up page of page #2}
Journaling Reads:
What is "The Art of Motherhood"? What gives women the skills and abilities to become full fledged mothers? I have absolutely no idea! What I do know, is that motherhood is the hardest, most challenging task I have ever encountered. The day I became a mother, was the day my life irreversibly changed. I believe from that day my whole physical, psychological and emotional being had been permanently altered. I changed from a 22 year old woman, the life of whom revolved around university, clothes shopping, cafe dining and spending time with my partner to a 22 year old mother, the life of whom now revolved around spending time at home, wearing anything that was comfortable, looking after a baby and having absolutely no quality time to myself. My journey into motherhood was a huge shock. It was not made any easier by the fact that I had no idea how to look after a baby, and "natural instincts"? I just didn't seem to have them! I survived, as many other mothers do, with lots of encouragement and support from my family. Unknown to me the real test was still to come two and a half years later when my second child was born. My workload load only increased with this demanding baby that refused to sleep, a toddler amidst the battles for independence and ensuing tantrums upon defeat, an untidy house and several subjects from a University degree. When I look at this photo of my boys sitting on my lap I am transported back to a time of complete and utter exhaustion, a time in my life that I do not wish to relive. Motherhood has sacrificed many things dear to me, but it was for the cause of performing my most significant role, the nurturing and the raising of my sons.

Monday, March 05, 2007

See this girl on the hospital bed.....

......she is a real life wonder woman. Her name is Angie and she is only 32, the mother of a 2 year old and was just recently married to my cousin. Two weekends ago she was facing death, and had only a few more weeks to live if that! Her skin was green, her eyes yellow.........she looked terrible! Last weekend she got a liver transplant that saved her life.

Last week, my brother, Em his girlfriend, Neil (all in the pic) and I went to visit her. She was emotional when we first started taking to her but then she become high in spirits! She told us for years and years she has missed out on living life! As soon as she gets better she wants to go away on a holiday with us all! (so sweet). And it will happen!

This 32 year old girl is amazing and so is my cousin and their little boy.
My cousin Paul married Angie in June 2006 in case she died waiting for a liver.
Their little boy Brandon was a miracle baby and should never have been born!
Wow, what a family!

Angie is my real life super hero! For months she was facing deaths door and didn't even have life to look forward to! How did she do that>? I am so amazed at her strength!

I have taken this pic above (it was the only one that turned out ok due to the bad lighting in the room) and framed it and put it next to a wonder woman figure I brought a week ago! Awesome! (I will post a pic).

Love me!

Ps: I hope this inspires everyone to became an organ donor!