Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You and Me

My first Mia Layout! I loved creating this, so girly for me! Anyway this layout is about the day a brought her. The tag pulls out to 3/4 page of journalling and another photo!

I have been dying to get a dog since my break-up from my ex. He doesn't like dogs and therefore didn't want me to have one. I thought if I didn't get a dog my kids would miss out. I have heaps of fantastic memories as a child with dogs as I was brought up with a dad who raced Greyhounds. So I finally got 'her'. She is 13 weeks old now and has cost me so much $$$$ so far. Which has been hard because we are renovating the house and really need the $$$$! But I love this baby girl to death!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Week :D

This week my baby boy Caleb had PJ day at kindy. (he had to wear pj's to school, lol). He wore his little planet pj's, batman slippers and a fluffy robe. (he looked so cute). When I arrived at kindy he didn't want to walk in the door just in case no one else had pj's on. He was freaking out!!!! In a cute way > he had a smile on his face the whole time. (I think I am to blame for this as when he is slow to get dressed in the morning I tell him he'll have to wear his pj's to school).

I have been feeling pretty crappy up until Friday! My mood went up! I feel so good! My mood has been down for the past 10 days and it is hell for me. It's so hard to function, not just normally but at all. But I am getting the help I need thank god. My GP has put me on a mood stabilizer until I see a specialist as the medictions are "above her" as she puts it. There is no cure for this they can only mask the symptoms.

On Friday night Neil and I went out to dinner with one of his mates to the Old Spot Hotel > we had a nice and relaxing night. After that I planned on spending some quite time with Neil alone at cafe Minos in Torresville. There desserts are amazing! (The best in Adeliade). But is was just to cold to go out so we got a carmel sundae (with a yummy flake of course) at macas, lol! Afterwards we just curled up in fron of the fire and watched foxtel together. We both fell asleep and woke up at 3am and watched air crash investgation until 4:30am in the morning! Lol!

Yesterday was Neil's only day off so we sleeped in, watch channel V with a coffee and then went out to lunch to Cafe Nova in Gawler. They have the best food > totally yummy. We sat in a comfortable private booth and it was fantastic! Then we went and did some clothes shopping (which Neil Hates). He told me I need a shopping buddy, lol!

Well today is a total chill-out day for me as Neil is working a 12 hr shift. I am staying home relaxing!! My house in pretty much clean. A clean and ordered house is such a huge stress relief for me. The heater is going cos (I hate the cold) and I have been working on a family mini album! ~Which I have enjoyed creating!~ I have brought lots of cool bit and pieces latelty! I spend way to much on this hobby I think!

I can't wait for tommorrow cos I should get my BB Poppy ink order in the Post. I can't wait to see what it is like and to play with it all! I hope to get some scrapping done this week since I have been so unwell for the past week and a half!

So glad u like you pressie Kathie girl! ;D

Love Lisa :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wee Little Mia

I just got home and I am so tired. Just thought I would post this pic of Mia with a little red bow in her hair. I brought the bow from a pet shop the other day (omg how cool is that) and a little tiny matching red jacket. Adorable!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photo Share :D

Caleb last night


Mia's new little pony tail

My man and my girlStuff:
* I went to the doctor today and got another lot of meds I really hope they help. My hormone problems have really made life so hard for me. 18 months ago I was put on med's that balance my hormones. For the first time in my life I felt awesome! I lost 30 kilos and got my mind in such good shape. (I hope to be back to "me" asap).

* I enrolled in second semester uni. I have three psychology subjects! I hope these med's kick in so I can start next month.

* I also hope to start working at the end of the year. The Strathmont centre (mental hospital) is keen to have me start a course but I can't right now!

* I brought a bike to use to lose weight! I have put on 25-30 kilos since Novemeber last year! It's coming off again as I'm put back on my orginal meds. (I am thinking about starting a weight loss mini book to record my progress.)

*We are getting foxtel today and I can't wait! Bring it on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PMDD and other stuff

I have been pretty unwell yet again for this past week! I am going to the doctor tommorrow morning to get two more medications added to the one I am ready taking. One is a mood stabilizer that sounds soooo goooood right now.......bring it on! PMDD is let me say >>>> destroying my life right now. Everything has been a waiting game.

Here is a website: http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic3357.htm listing what I have to put up with two weeks of a month! Yes half of my life right now.

This is a lady's blog who also suffers from PMDD! http://pmdd.wordpress.com/. It's an awesome read for anyone who suffers even just bad PMS!

Hormone issues are such a taboo topic in our society that's why I want to write about my experience!

ok that was heavy! But's it my blog so I don't care! lol!

Anyway I went shopping this morning and found these cute froggy pads and charms! (Below) Love 'em! Now I just have to use them!

I haven't been very creative (haven't felt like it > been down) so I ordered a poppy ink sub!! I am getting the June kit and the tapp shoes add-on soon and I can't wait!

Love Lisa xoxxo

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another layout!

This one took me a while to create!!! I had fun with it but! I used lots of rub-on's, gel pen, patterened paper and jewels! :D

It's my mum and brother and me on mothers day 07!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


This kitchen.....
inspired me! I love the black and white print on the lamps and how they have used really bright bold colours in the mix.

I was in the scrapbook station store and saw the same black and white print. *Awesome* I brought it. I used some really bold colours in the layout like the kitchen. The squares are punched out paint chips with some gel pen.

This photo from the layout was taken on mothers day just gone. Me and me boys! The look so huge on my lap now. (Owen is 7 and Caleb nealy 5). They are going to be well over 6 foot! My youngest is nearly in a size 4 shoe. OMG! His dad has a 14 shoe size lol and is 6'3! They are going to be alot taller then him! How cool is that!!!! I love that > tall strong teenage boys in my life soon! They are great boys! I love them to death.

Neil is at work right now, Mia is outside playing, the house is nice and clean and I am happy! I have the heater on in the lounge and have been watching (another) thiller movie called Broken! I have also nearly finished the LO I was working on yesterday. Happy right now. :D
Going up to blockbuster now to get some more movies :D

Friday, June 08, 2007

What I have been up to>?

I haven't done much scrapbooking latelty! I have had no desire to scrap at all. Just BUY! lol! No expensive amounts just bits and pieces here and there! I don't feel gulity about buying stuff only when I don't use it.


What I have been doing:
* I cleaned up my scrapbook cupboard again last week! I am such a messy thing with my supplies.
* I brought a bike and a pink pretty helmet last weekend and went for my first ride on it today. lol! I am trying to get fit and lose the weight I have put on!
* Mia my new baby girl doggy is doing really well. She has a flat little tummy (eats well) and is as adorable as eva.
* Right now my house is a little messy! I have done nothing put scrap today on my day off. My boys are going to their dad's tonight for the week. I will clean tommorrow when I have no one around to bother me.
* Neil is working every day this long weekend. 12 hrs on Saturday and Sunday and 8 hours on Monday. More $$$ for our house.
* Tonight we are going out to dinner and to see Hostel 2 at the movies! I can't wait! I love thiller/horror movies and Hostel 1 was awesome!
* I will be scrapbooking and watching DVD's by myself this weekend! I haven't had gulit free time like that by myself in 2 years! Michelle and/or Louise if you are not doing anything > join me :D

I came on her to post a LO but blogger is playing up now!~ :( Grrrrrr

How cool is this.................

I love it!!! It's like an inspiring corkboard!!!! A little piece of self made visual art! I love it! You could change the visual details whenever~! To fit in with the different seasons, birthdays, special events or just pretty it up! I love it!!!

I will post my layout tommorrow! The one inspired by a kitchen :D

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My baby girl

I brought this beautiful Maltese puppy two weeks ago day! She is so beautiful! Her name is Mia and I love this little girl to death!