Friday, July 27, 2007

My Spirit (My Aussie Dare's Layout)

spirituality defination:
the quality or fact of being spiritual. predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.; spiritual tendency or tone.
{Click above for a close up}

I love love love how this layout turned. It has become special to me in so many ways! This one took me ages to complete. The bird, flower, tags, journalling and strips of PP > ages! My heart and soul went into this baby!
My mum took this photo of me on my bed one day watching TV! LOL! I got it developed and swore that I was going to do a girly LO with it! ie; girly things I love! Well it turned into a spirit LO instead > which is even better! The birdie on the LO represents girls > ie: Chick!

{A quick scan of the Journalling Inside}

What is a spirit? It's alot of things. First it's the essence of who we really as an individual It tells us what we believe. It shows us our passions in life, gives us faith in ourselves and the desires to fulfill our dreams. It gives us an identity, tells us we are valuable and gives us a driven purpose in life. It inspires us and can transform our lives life, if we just let it.
I believe we can live a happy life if we listen to our inner voice (our spirit). Our spirit is alive and well in all of us and it comes out without us really knowing.

~Our spirit comes out when we are feeling happy and have a 'inner peace'. within ourselves~.

I can feel my Spirit come alive when:

* I'm sitting on my bed, feeling relaxed with a facial mask on reading my favourite magazine.
* I'm sleeping snuggled up with my beautiful puppy Mia on the lounge.
* Having the time to rub scented mango body butter all over myself.
* I feel good, I look good and I'm having dinner at my favourite cafe.
* It's christmas morning and I'm watching my beautiful boys open their presents.
* I hear a knock on the door and open it to discover new scrap supplies.
* I'm being inspired by art books and art magazines.
* I'm walking and feeling good about myself.
* Getting a massage from my friend Amy with homemade oils and African music being played in the background.
* I'm tired and cold and my sheets (500 thread count) are fresh and the electric blanket is on.
* I am reading a really interesting book on the lounge by the fire.
* I'm listening to my classical music in my car.
* I'm sipping a warm luscious cup of creamy hot cocoa on a cold day.
* I am soaking in a scented bath by candlelight.
* I take the time to write in my journal.
* I am watching an interesting documentry on a subject I am passionate about.
* I'm wearing a new fluffy pair of bed socks.
* I rode around the block for the first time on my new bike. Pink helmet and all.
* The house is clean and it smells good.
* I take the time to look up at the stars.
* I'm having a relaxing dinner with Neil at home just the two of us.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is making u happy right now>?

Just two things that are making me happy right now! My rockin gnome which sits outfront under a lilly pilly filled with daisy flowers. And my little wall basket filled with newly planted purple and yellow pansies.


Monday, July 23, 2007

My 5 year old School Boy!

My baby boy turned 5 on Saturday :) We had a party for him on Thursday night! I made spaghetti meatballs for dinner (a beautiful Italian recipe), we had freshly grated parmesan cheese, salad and crusty bread rolls. I hate cooking day to day meals but I don't mind cooking for dinner parties. Neil on the other hand loves cooking so he is a massive help in the kitchen ;)

Caleb is the best natured child eva > I am very lucky! Neil says he is the most grateful child he has ever met! He is wonderful and I am very lucky to have him. (even though he is such a mischief maker). This is Caleb on Thursday night! He LOVES Mia to death! ;)

I thought this pic was funny! My bro, Em and "Caleb" > who was to busy playing for a pic!
Caleb's first day of school was today! He looks so handsome and smart ;)
So so proud of him! He was so happy to go to school today!

All three school boys together! ;)


Friday, July 20, 2007

Super Caleb and other stuff ;)

This is my second poppy ink layout that I have created with my July kit! (I love the kits). Super Caleb! My boy loves the trampoline! On christmas day last year he put on his superman cape (new present) and ran outside to try it out ;)

To create the branches I used the Lauren Bacall- Tinkering Ink paper and covered the braches with black sequins and wooden beads. To create the leaves I punched out dots with the love elsie paper and the Bon Voyage Notepaper we got. I also added the Heddi Grace Flocked Cardstock Sticker Dots on top! Ohh and 1 jewel on each leaf :D

This is my scrap mess in the lounge! New stuff = mess! It's all cleaned now because we had a party last night! :0

Callum's birthday went so well last Friday!

Callum had to search the inside and outside of the house looking for clues to find his presents!

I bought him a white mudcake and decorated it myself, lol :D
My boys are going back to their dad's house tonight! I will have the weekend to do as I please! Neil works a 12 hour shift on Sunday so that's a big scrap day for me!!! Anyone wanna join me>? lol! I am so looking forward to it as I have 2 pizza boxes full of new stuff! I am about to print off some new pics to scrap! Can't wait!
Happy weekend everyone :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

~Bubble Beard~ My First July Poppy Ink Layout

{Click Layout above for a close-up}

I got my Poppy Ink kit on Monday and the add's on Tuesday! *So Happy* I created this last night my first layout for July! (I also added some elsie stuff in the mix).
The wee baby in the photo is 7 years old now. I have been wanting to scrap this pic for years and I finally have, lol. When Owen was a baby I used to take him in the bath with me and rest his body on my knees. (so nice and relaxing to have your baby in the baby with you). Mmmm I got bored and did this to his face :D


Friday, July 13, 2007

I am going to have so much fun next week :D

I am going to have a ball next week /weekend when my stuff arrives! I went a little crazy this month! I am getting my poppy ink July kit, twinkle toes add-on and the twirl add-on. I also ordered about another $135.00 worth of other stuff! Ohhhhhh I can't wait!
Tonight we have all three boys for the weekend and next week should be fun!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Callum Turns 11

Neil's son Callum turned 11 today. He was born in on this day in 1996! (OMG > At that time I was only 1 year out of high school).

Anyway Neil doesn't get to see Callum until Friday so I thought I would do something nice for him. I searched thru some old pics of Callum as a baby and found one with Neil and him in the hospital. It's not a very good quality photo but a sweet meaningful one :D

So I scrapped this for him last night!

Despite the sickness I have been feeling pretty good. This new medication has been working wonders for me I think. (fingers crossed).

I had a great night out last night with my parents. Neil and I went to the Goodwood Hotel for dinner and drinks. It was one of the most relaxing, happy and peaceful times for me in ages. I am finally starting to see my future more clearly.

Tonight is a chill-out night. On the week I have the my boys it's home cooking all round. But when they go to their dad's, Neil and I go out nearly every single night. This is a new found freedom for me. (after being home with kids since the age of 21). Anyway it's to cold to go out tonight so we are having take-out and watching whateva on foxtel.

Hope u all had a good weekend :D


Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Third Poppy Ink Layout

This is my dad and me in 1978 :) I am pulling his hair in the pic! (girl power). The tag lifts up to a funny little story I wrote about my crazy dad > :D I used chalks (omg) to create a soft pastel background! I really love my chalks now > I brought them about 7 years ago! lol! I NOW i am using them! They work really well on textured cardstock!

Anyway I can't wait to get my July kit:

I just went out to dinner and now I am off to watch a movie! ;) Something nice!

Thursday day/ night I was feeling really unwell. Then yesterday I was throwing up from 9am until 5pm~! Omg!~ I layed on the lounge for something like 12 hours yesterday and then I went to bed! :( So glad I am better today! I don't wish this stomach bug on anyone! Caleb picked it up from daycare! Kid's pick up heaps of bugs from daycare and school and I always manage to get it ........ and get it bad!

Love me

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Second Layout :D

~The Best Things In Life aren't Things ~

This is the second layout I completed with my Poppy Iink stuff.
Owen moved private schools this year and therefore had a new school and new teacher to get used to. This is a photo with his Grade 1 teacher Miss Mc Callum. (she is a real sweatheart). The journal tells the story of Owen meeting her and about his first report card. (which was really really good thank >bloody god).
Hurry up July > I am stuck in a rut :(
I scrapped my butt off last weekend! I sat in front of the heater in the lounge, watched foxtel and scrapped! Heaven! I can't wait for the next round > I am not motivated to do that often > but with the cold weather and the kits > rock-on!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My First Poppy Ink Layout

I called this layout a little birdie told me you went to heaven.

In 1984 one of my childhood friends aged 7 died in a car accident. Her mums car crashed into a cargo truck carrying sheep. She wasn't wearing a seat belt. It was such a sad time and her mum went to her funeral on a hospital bed. Her name was Kate and she was my age and sometimes I think about all the things this poor girl had missed out on. I wrote down the whole story in the little pocket on the layout. I had 3 childhood friends die in traggic ways. So sad :(

I had heaps of fun this weekend playing with the poppy ink kit and the tapp shoes add-on. I created 3 layouts in a weekend which is HUGE for me!!! It takes me hours to do 1 page. It so cool getting stuff u haven't picked out > it challenges you heaps. I love it :D