Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some ATC's!

(traded below)

(traded below)

Two of my ATC's have been traded but the rest are up for a trade! Email me:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A lazy Saturday....

It's that cute! Mia always molds her self into you!

Friday, January 09, 2009

The fairest of them all... Zaazaa my flickr buddy who always gives my art nice comments! Thanks sweety!


Finally a Post! (so sorry)

This week Neil and I have been at home just doing things around the house. (he has had a week off work and we also have had no kids). In the morning I would clean and he would do yard work and in the afternoon we would go for a swim in the pool. We've also been saving money by eatting in all this week as we need more $$$ to finish of the backyard and around the pool.
YesterdayI finally my camera! It was under my bed > weid! I think it may have been knocked on the floor.
Tonight we are getting all 3 boys back! So Game on! Relaxing days are over for a week!
I'll post some of my art work tonight!

These are some pics taken this x-mas:

Christmas eve night! The was the image of my Christmas 2009!
Niall gave out all the present to the boys!
Owen got heaps of star Wars stuff and
Caleb got games, book and Wrestling stuff!

Me and Neil! (On x-mas day). He brought Me the Bee I'm holding.
It say's Bee Mine!
Sooooooo sweet!!!!!

Me and my sweet boys and my doggy Mia!

X-mas eve night! These are the presents that Neil gave me.
I came into the kitchen and on the bench was the bee
and two other presents. I love him! (Neil took the pic).
I got and bottle of mint baileys. (as he knew that I really love the orginal one).

..........................................and this scrap stuff from BB
{Click for close up}

and these fibres!
I couldn't smiling all Christmas. I brought Neil I Blue kingcrome tool box for
his work! He loved it!!!! We had such a nice x-mas this year!

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Friday Night! Saturday and Sunday!

Neil had to work 12 hours on Saturday so I slept over my parents house on Friday night. It's nice to hang out with them sometimes. We talked and watched foxtel until they went to bed. I stayed up late making my little ATC's on the floor, drinking coke zero and eatting mince pies. I had lots of fun!

The next day I went to "another" thrift store and brought some awesome little table cloth centre pieces! (well they are actually meant to be a baby's blacket) some beautiful nana looking pillow cases and a few other little things. Mum came over and together we spent the entire day cleaning my home! It looks so beautiful! I "need" the help (which I find hard to ask for). My mum is a gem!

Today was just nice and relaxing! I got up at 10am, watched a bit of foxtel, folded some clothes, got some lunch and made a few ATC's. In the afternoon Neil and I had a few drinks and relaxed in our pool, Out of the pool, shower, a little nap and some more ATC making. Bathed and blow dried the dog, put her little dress on and Neil and I went to Cafe Nova (at Gawler) with the dog. (we sit outside and our little girl sits perfectly under the table). Come home, PJ's on, get some drinks, light the oil burner (relax and unwind oil blend), light some little tea lights, get comfy on the lounge and watch 10,000 BC together. Perfect day!

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I can't find my camera.... I can't post any pics!

So when I find it tommorrow (I hope) in my scrap which is a mess! A really really big mess I'll do a HUGE post! I'll share a layout, a mini album and 5 new ATC's ;)

xoxox Lisa

Friday, January 02, 2009

My goals, some atc's and thrift finds

Goals for this Year
Goal One:
Concentrate on my careers. In psychology I have 3 interest areas, people suffering from major depression, mothers who are suffering postnatal depression and children who have Autsim.
I would love to have part-time job doing something arty. (I do have a few ideas). I would also love to sell some mini books and altered art creations.
Goal Two:
Learn more about Buddism. Read heaps of books. Create a little buddha garden for myself and children to enjoy. Go to more learning sessions with my friend Amy and teach my children about it.
Goal Three:
Scrapbook more important layouts and create more art for my home. I want to put on a few scrap parties this year "just for fun". I want to meet new people in the hobby and stay in touch more with my old buddies more.
Goal four:
My home is still in pieces. I want to put those pieces back together this year. I am really looking forward to decorating my house in anarty way and have parties and friends come around. I want my house to be a little piece of heaven, a place, to party, a place to relax and a place to enjoy.
Goal five:
Live more in the moment!!!!! Take more pictures. Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the seasons. Enjoy my children and just enjoy living and > all that life has to offer.
This is my piece of art I created last night. Some hedgehog ATC's for a trade on

Photo a day:
Today I went to a thrift store and brought some cool things.
I brought these boxes below to house some art supplies in.
(and mayby for an altred project or two).

The back of them (so cool)

I brought this cute little wooden container for small supplies. (not sure what yet?)

I heart these mushroom tins!!!

I also brought this cool pottery pot for my gel pens.

Lisa xoxox

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy layout!

(Click for close up)
Here is my boy Caleb above at 18 months old. He loves playgrounds! So a happy, funky, bright layout was required.

My paper strips, I heart tiny beads at the moment:

Close up of ring with paper strips.

and another:

I'm going to *try* and take a pic a day! Here's today's pic my dad and my baby digging a trench to power our pool pumb. My dad's such a great guy. We really need the labour (as u can see below our yard in reno mode). It's going to look awesome when it's done. Lets say it will be a realxing, buddist, paradise.

Lisa xoxoxo

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