Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Studio Calico November!

I totally love this one! A little bit of granny chic! I might go on flickr at look at the 'granny chic' style for inspiration! Marketplace is the main kit! SC November kit goes on sale 12 hrs earlier for suber's, so I got up a 1:30 in the morning to shop and I did! Lucky I got everything I wanted and more, much more!

Street Fair add-on:

Flea Market add-on: (Omg just look at that awesome sewing machine stamp)

and Bazzar add-on: (which Lisa think is sooo cool).

I got some extra SC papers:

More papers:

and even more:

More cardstock...

I got these crop bags below to hold all the bit and pieces left over
from each kit! They are really cool! Strong plastic bags with zips!
I totally need them right now as everything is still in the boxes in come in!
I got some Claudine Hellmuth paints in all the colours,
except white and black as it was all sold out!
I can't wait to play! I have wanted to ordered these for so long now
and I almost have the whole collection of colours!

Love this and can't wait to play!!!

I got some ink in purple, china blue and green.

This chipboard is so cute! I got the collection!

I also got the farm fresh pieces by OC to go with the kit!

I love these woolies by basic grey! I wanna scrap something about my love of vintage aprons ;)

I also got some mists in black, brown, gold, copper and silver!!! (I think I have enough mists now). Until I see another colour I have to have!

Lisa xoxxo

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wish List/Old layout/Flickr Rooms

("I am hand creating a banner for above")

This is my scrappy wish list right now. I want to play with the alcohol inks and have wanted to do so for ages now but it cost heaps to set up!! So that's my scrappy wish list what's yours?

Ok as promised a layout from the past. I did this in 2007! I was pregnant here at 38 weeks with my first Child Owen, almost 10 years ago now! Wow the time passes so quickly! The day after this photo was taken my boys was born and was born on Australia Day! I was sooooo scared of giving birth for the first time! I was only 22 when I had Owen! This layout has heaps of journalling under the belly photo and a photo of baby Owen. The little book underneath the belly photo is the facts about the diferent stages of labour! I good read for my boys now I think!! lol!

I LOVE checking out all the homes and backyards on flickr!!! One of my most favourite galleries is the "granny chic" (retro vintage) decor group! I just adore this style so much! It's modern, arty and funky but very cosy to live in! I have 204 picture favorites and it's growing! Here are some random pics and the links to these ladies flickr sites!

I just adore this laundry so much! It just makes u wanna well 'wash'. It's so nana looking, cute, girly and cosy! It's giving me some ideas! I love the pink painted doors and all the vintage bits and pieces!

I love this awesome retro vintage table soooo much! Well I just love everything about this dinning room! I love the prints and how the books are all ordered in colours!

This lounge is just so cosy, it makes me wanna go in and read a magzine on that lounge! I love all the different seats and the reto nana cushions!

Lisa xoxo
ps: who is still waiting for her studio calico kit for October!!!! NOT HAPPY! Last month I got my kit on the 20th of the month and today is the 7th and still NOTHING! It's been 3 weeks today! Grrrrrrrr! Everyone that has posted on Studio Calico has their bloody kit!!!!! It better come in the next hour or so!!!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A look back.....

("I am hand creating a banner for above")

I only post my layouts once, so I though I would take a journey back to all my 8.5x11 layouts! I have had a ball with this size :) Inspired by my buddy Steph, I have posting my layouts on, Scrapin Style Tv, plus flickr, my blog, Studio Calico and two peas and it's been fun sharing again!

This is my Bubble Beard layout I created in October of 2007, two years ago! I love this photo soooo much! It brings back great memories! I used to bath with my baby boys and do all sorts of crap to them, like putting bubbles on their face (bubble beards) and in their hair (creating punks).

Lisa xoxo

ps: more to come.......

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bit's and pieces!

Niall and I looked after 5 kids last night! Omg! It's hard work! We had my kids (7 and 9), my ex partners wifes two kids (6 and 10) and their 13 month old baby together! I asked to look after them!! The baby is totally yummy and I mean I love them to death!!!! We had lots of fun and the baby was easy but I think the only problem was that we aren't used to so many kidlets and the noise! OMG! The night is ok for me but I HATE MORNINGS! I just DON'T DO THEM!!! I love getting up to a peaceful, quite house in the morning! It takes my brain to long to get working in the morning!

Anway tonight will be great, just dinner out, just the two of us! Tommorrow night we'll be watching this movie below! I love thillers, I think it sounds great!

Set in Australia in a remote fishing town, happily married Rob and Jess have been trying to have a baby for three long years and she is becoming desperate. In a drunken mistake, she sleeps with Evan, a young stranger come to town whose interest in her borders on the obsessive. The day she discovers she is pregnant, Jess' guilt turns to horror as Evan begins a terrifying transformation from stalker to psychopath, determined to prove paternity of the child and claim.

Studio Calico!
I don't even have October's kit and November's kit is on sale next week! Niall tell's me don't worry, you'll have twice as much to play with! It's true, but he just doesn't understand that scrapbook mama's aren't happy when there packages arrive late, real late! I remember when I used to do a twopeas order that would take about 5 days to arrive! What's up with Australia post>? Has it changed>? Maybe my box may have been caught up in Sydney as it's happened once before, but that was like nearly 7 years ago! It's taken almost 3 weeks to arrive! I should get my bloody kit on Monday! It's packed fill with $250 worth of product! Three kits, lots of extra papers, cardstock, heaps of coloured floss and 6 maya road mists! It better come!

Ok below is November sneek peak!

This is markplace the main kit:

This add-on 1 called street fair:

This is add-on 2 called fleamarket:

This a add-on 3 called bazzar:

My boys!
Owen got his orange belt in karate last Sunday! He's good real good at fighting, he loves it!

This is Caleb do long jump at sports day on Friday!

He had number 14 below and scored himself 1st place! Plus he won another 2nd place for running 70m! He almost won! (lost by a half a foot) I think went wayyy to fast at the start!
I'm so proud of them both! That are doing good at sport but more important both the boys are super intelligent!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I do.....

My parents wedding photo taken in 1975! My mum made her wedding dress! She was something abnormal like a size 4. Very skinny! They had a big backyard style party the day after.
I created this with the add-on kits from Septembers Studio Calico kit! I would never have brought the making memories flowers, studs and the Anna Griffin papers and tape! (so it's good to try new things that I wouldn't normally buy). I have to say I love the challenge of the kits! It's so fun and even better sharing and seing what everybody else has created! Everybody's stuff is sooooo different, it's weird to think it all comes from the same kits.

I should get Octobers kit soon, maybe in a week or so! That kit looks so funky and retro I can't wait to play with that one! It looks like the best kit so far!!!! (posted down below). Here:

(click for a close up)

It opens up to another photo and journalling! ;)

Another memory created! My parents wedding today! An important one to I think!

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Baby Butt's

I created this with the Septembers Cotillion kit from studio calico! It was my first LO I attempted! Everything is from the kit except the beads, sequins glitter and the lady head charm. The photo of me is on the right (taken 1978) and my DS is on the left (taken 2002).
I love comparing pics at the same age and I think it's even better to scrapbook them! (Even though Caleb doesn't look anything like me it's still fun).
I did a string of beads and sequins down the side to give it a fun look! (It has posted small so click for a close up). Or I have posted here on flickr! It looks better on a white background!
(click for a close up)
Mt title and my bead/sequin rope! ;)

My journalling is in the clear pocket!

Lisa xoxoxo
ps: I have two more LO's to share from this kit :)

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finally a layout post!

I am soooo happy I got my scanner working again! It was always working but I lost the programe disk! I forgot that I installed it on my laptop! Soooo happy, that I don't have to take bloody crappy pictures again! (only of my mini albums which I HATE doing).

My layout:
Ok, I create this using this layout using this kit. It's Studio Calico's September kit! It's a pretty simple LO, it didn't take to long, which is great! I got this little frame stamp in the main kit so I, stamped out heaps of frames and cut them up, inked them and placed small bits of patterned paper in them. I got a Jenni Bowlin pad so I used it to create two journalling pads, one for journalling before and after my birthday! ;) I love these little basic grey woolies, they are sooooo cute and perfect for LO's with kidlets in them!

My birthday:
December last year (2008), me, Niall and the boys went out for a simple family dinner. After when we got home Niall brought out this pretty and very girly cake (which I thought was super sweet). Niall brought me a pair of gold triangle earrings. (they are amazing and super funky and very me). I was shocked that he picked them out for me. The boys got me two boxes of chocolates and covered the family room in little notes and pictures for me! (So when I got up I would be suprised.) So cute! !

(Below: My Layout. My favourite colour to scrap in is now yellow, I love it)
(A close up of the journalling. Which is very simple. There is about two A4 pages of journalling.
I have cut up each word and stuck it down on the pad paper. I really love doing this now. Even though it does take an hour or so to do it! I want it to fit perfectly on the pad!)

This is a close up of the stamp frame cut up and a piece of pattered paper inside.
It's so simple and fun to do! Studio Calico sell the stamps for about $3.00 us dollars!

Ohhhh I love the joy of sharing, my scrapbooking but more importantly my life, with you my friends and others out there.......... ;)

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