Friday, February 29, 2008


I love this photo! This is my scrap place > the lounge room coffee table in front of the TV! I don't think I could ever scrap in a room by myself. I always scrap with Mia, Neil or my boys by my side, watching TV!
Can you see Mia my little white ball of fluff on the purple blanket ;)

Click to see close ups!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

My Boys First Dog

How cute is this photo of my boys and Mia in the bath! I love it :D I decided to make this a “Your First Dog” layout! I brought Mia last year in May. She was the first thing I brought for myself after my divorce. I wasn’t allowed to have a dog as my ex doesn’t like them. I have to admit the she is the best thing I have ever brought!
I love this little baby doll to bits.

I punched all these little flowers with white and gold foiled paper.

I love these hearts! I placed page pebbles over the top of them to make them stand out.
Around the the photo is just back rub-on's that I have coloured in with glitter gel pen's.
How cute is Mia's little crown.

I made a large pocket in the layout to hold more photos and journaling! (a great way of adding more meaningful ‘stuff’ to your layouts’). When you pull up the little photo of Mia it has some cute photos of her with the boys. When you pull up the ribbon it has a photo of me in 1981 with my first dog(s)! "Greyhounds", my dad used to race them!

When you turn it around it has a whole heap of little photo’s of Mia!
My journalling is also hidden within the pocket to :D

LOvE me xoxox


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I love right now.....

I love looking through the corners of my home and garden on flickr!!! Man...such cool ideas on there! Above is a pic from my home. I brought a really old rustic but cool 4 draw cupboard from a second hand store. (a while back). It stands right besides the front door in my entry way. It holds a cool lamp. I change whats on top of the draw when I feel creative! Right now it has a Russian doll and 12 Sunflowers picture by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mini break / Mini album

Last month Neil and I got to spend a weekend relaxing in the Barrosa Valley. We had the best most relaxing time ever! It was 42 degrees so we spent most of our time in the outside pool and spa.
Our day went like this: Pool, then spa, then back to the pool. We went back to our room and showered. Then we had a big power nap in the afternoon. We woke up, relaxed in the hot spa, then we went out to a beautiful dinner. We played pool in the front bar, drank and listened to music. Then we went back to our room and watched movies! Awwww what a life ;)
We also drove around the town and looked in the shops. I brought a beautiful vintage tablecloth and gollywog! We also went to the famers market and got a famous bacon and egg roll for breaky ;)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Above is Caleb's card, Neil's card, Owen's card and my card! Sweet! :)
I am a big on card's buyer and so is Neil I love that!
It's funny that we both take ages to pick that perfect card for our recipient.
I have had a nice day today! I love valentines day! I am a major chocolate person! Neil brought me a big box of yummy chocolates! I had no idea what to get him! It's hard buying for guys! I didn't want to waste my money buying teddy or ballons! Even though they are so cute :) (I have done that already lots of times). I brought him a long stem rose the other day at dinner, so well I >> ???
So I brought this all! To pamper him! A hand massage cream, foot soak, foot scrub, foot cream, heaps of stuff for the face, bath salts and mango body butter! The boys go back tommorow so I think we will leave the massage until then! To top it we are going to have dinner in the city followed by a movie :) Can't wait! I am looking forward to a relaxing kid free time! It's been awesome having the boys but exhausting with all of the back to school stuff and the long distance driving!

I am busy. But I am going to try and blog a bit everyday! I got my FEB Poppy ink kit today and I am in love! It is so bright, funky and awesome! I can't wait to play... when I get off this computer.........