Monday, August 31, 2009

Scarlet Lime Add-on Kit:

Ok this is the scarlet lime project kit for this month! It's awesome! I don't celebrate Halloween but Niall did as a child, so I thought it would be cool to buy this kit! I will probably use the stuff up to make up a mini book! This year Halloween is on a Saturday night so we are going to get the boys to dress up (maybe us to) we are going to decorate the lounge room, make some scary food and watch horror movies! ;) What could be better>? All fun for our 3 boys!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Studio Calico: August Kit

This is Studio Calico's main September kit and add-on's! Plus I brought a few extra things! I can't wait to use the canvas album!
Main kit:

Add-on Kit:

Add-on Kit

Add-On Kit:


Coloured Cardstock:


Vintage twine:

Journal stickers



Canvas Album:

I spent Friday finishing off an album for a first birthday present! (using the 3 ducks in a row collection by October afertoon). I went to a birthday party today, watched football and went out to dinner tonight so I haven't even had a chance to play with my August studio calico kit yet!
Well I'm off to play if I can stay awake. (I'm a little tired).

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Friday, August 28, 2009


It's Friday.


My kids are over my ex husband's house for the week.

and........ MY STUDIO CALICO BOX arrived!!! August my first eva kit!!!!

OMG, I'm off to drool and scrap like crazy this week!!!!

I am so darn HAPPY to be alive!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I did this layout a while back! It's about the day we got our second puppy called Sophie a pure shitzu. I took the two older boys (Callum and Owen) to pick her out! They loved her, she was a big fat ball of fluff that just wanted to play. I think there is a great big list of things that you should try and achieve in a life time and one of them I believe is getting the chance to look after a baby animal. In this case it's a puppy! Even though the puppy stage only lasts a little while, they memories it creates last a life time.

*Sorry about the shitty scan's! I am using another camera as something's wrong with my Nikon SLR camera (not happy). I think it might be the battery > It may have got wet when I re-chargered it! Grrrr!!!*

Lisa xoxoxo

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Kit Sneeks! :)

Studio Calico's main kit has been revealed and I love it! The add-on's look pretty cool also!

Below are this months stamps (rockin, I just heart them);
SC Main Kit and a glimpse of the add-on's below! (I want all three add-on's).

It's Scarlet Lime's 2nd birthday and their september kit looks amazing!! (by looking at their paper and stamp reveal!). It's not something I would pick myself so it will be interesting to see what I come up with). Most of this paper in this kit is made by SL so the only way of getting your hands on it is by buying a kit!

Scarlet Lime Kit Sneek;

I'm not sure if I will buy the add-on yet as it looks very much like a halloween kit! I don't celebrate halloween being from Australia. But Niall used to celebrate Halloween in Scotland as a child so maybe I could come up with a layout about that! I know my boys will find that interesting (as do I). He lived on a very remote Island and went around collecting chocolate, fruit and money in a bag from the local people who lived on the island! (He came from a family of 12 children!!!!! agh, crazy stuff). lol! Lots of great memories he recalls!

The two other kits I like get released on the 15th in the middle of the month, which is good, as I can save from now until then! (and that way I don' get all my kits togther but two at the start of the month and two in the middle of the month). It give me more time to use them!!!
Anyway I can't wait for these babies (kits above) to arrive on my door step, I still have to wait a day and 3 hours to buy them, and a few more days for them to be posted and 2 weeks (or more) for me to get them! Grrrr~! I am still waiting on two August kits from Studio Calico and Kenner road. I have been reading on the message boards that this month kits have taken ages to arrive to their destinations (world wide), apparently due to international srikes. I believe it has taken even longer here in Australia due to the bad weather and planes having to wait until the weather clears. All grrrrr, signs to me! I am so looking forward to getting my two kits! Yesterday the mail man knocked on my door and I thought "Yes" it's here but it was the bloody dogs dresses I ordered a while back! While I love that they came I soooooo wanted it to be my kits! I want to PLAY hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya Buggers!
Lisa xoxo

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My 3rd kit sub!

Omg, I am so in love with Kenner Road and their awesome, funky but modern vintage kits! I checked out their blog and it rocked my little world! So much inspiration! I love bright, arty and abstract layouts! This is their August kit (below). I have a 6 month sub to their kit and add-on (It's $68 us) but I bet you I will be buying their other add-on kit and project kit per month also! I sub to 3 kits now! If I get all the add-on's and project kits that will be all I can afford right now! I'll still buy cool bit's and pieces now and then. When I start working full time I might allow myself to buy a little more! (then I'll be working, plus playing mum and thus have no bloodly time to scrap or I will be to darn tired).

The main August Kit

Ohhhh I can't wait for that stamp to be in my hot little hands! I have plans for that baby!

August's add-on kit

I'm lovin the moo cow vintage accent, I know what I'm going to do with that to ;)

August's Project Kit.
(I can't wait to get my hands on that envelope mini album)

Love, love, love the stamp below!!!!

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