Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Candle wall art

On my computer I have a whole section on home decor ideas! I thought I would start sharing some 'pretty' things I have found. I have also been buying Vogue Living and those sort of art inspired home decor! (which I totally love).
I am a massive candle lover! Every single night without fail I have candles going. They calm and relax me. Just before mothers day Target had all sorts of pretty metal art candle holders for sale. (like 40-50% off). I went crazy and put 6 different candle holders on layby. 1 pretty set for my bedroom wall, one for my dinning room wall, 1 for my lounge room wall and 3 lots for my hall way ;) I hope to have metalic feature wall's > so how pretty is that gonna look! :D

I think a home should reflect the personality of it's owner.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You did it!

I did this a few weeks back but had to add some finshing touches to it! My Boy Owen rode without training wheels for the first time a few weeks back. Neil taught him how to do it (how cool is that) and didn't give up on him! He didn't like the bike much before but now he loves it!

Rock on Owen!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day 07

Mothers day 07 was spent at my parents beautiful home!
Me and my beautiful (big) boys! Owen 7 and Caleb 4 years.
They pulled faces in all the pics that were taken, this was the most decent out of the lot, lol!
I got a beautiful card, chocolate's a pair of PJ's and fuffy socks for mothers day.

My mum and my boys helping her open up her presents.
She got a tag album (made by me) a flowered candle that I decorated
with sequins and beads and a beautiful jeweled frame.

We had lunch here: so beautiful!
My parents have a 1/4 acre block in Forestvile in the city! Yes in the city :D
There garden is like paradise so lush and green.

My brother, mum and me!

The dogs. *How funny is this pic* The dog running is called Zoey she is my parents whippet. She is airborn running from my brothers new puppy Saxon. Lol!
Crazy dog but the bugger runs fast!

Love me!
For some crazy reason the pic's below have GONE! >???? Here is the my tag album on two peas:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers Day tag Albums (part 2)

I made four tag albums like the one below for my nana, my mum, Angie (my cousin with the liver transplant) and Jillian (Neil's ex wife). These bloody tag album's took me ages to complete! I started them last weekend and just finished them last night! (Grrrr). I thought they would be quick and easy! WRONG! 16 large chipboard tags painted with two coats on each side in different colours is NOT fun! (1 set would be but not 4). The worst part was all the bloody gel pen work > never again! That alone took me hours to do! :( (and I don't have the time right now > crazy me). 32 photo's I searched and printed out! I punched out 272 circles and inked them all! YES omg! The most time was taken up by all the little emblishments that I glued on! (My stash has gone down a bit). I tried to do them quick and easy but I am I very fussy > so I drove my self crazy!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mother's Day Tag Album

Quick post before I wrap this up is pretty tissue paper ;) I made this tag album for my two boys to give to my ex's new partner! I think she will love the bright, colourful and funky feel to it! I also got to use up some old bit's and pieces (letter stickers) that I had in my stash which was good! It's going in a cool spotted bag that I covered with foil stars and jewels ;)

I have 4 more tag mini album's (that are still being made) that I will post soon and a few other things that I have made for my own mum!

Lisa xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Angels and stuff

I created this for the Aussie Dare Site,( the theme was angels and wings! I totally struggled with this LO! I left it for a few days and then brought some purple foil trim and then it all came together easy! Everyone's LO's are so awesome *trust me* Please go and check them out! It would be nice to have more people come to the site (no ego's just for fun).

The journalling is about how my parents 'saved' me when I was going thru my bitter court divorce with my ex. So a very special and personal LO!~:D





I have been on the new medication for a month and it's making me so unwell > I feel worse, so much worse then before. I was told to go back asap if I felt this way. 1 of my doctors has retired (great) and the one isn't starting back until July. Now I have a new GP (which is hard) I can't get into see her until next Tuesday. (and that's still only for a single apt). A feel a bit disapointed in all of this! ~sorry girls if I haven't been keeping up with your blogs~

Kathie :)
I saw beautiful Kathie Link on Friday! (u are such an amazing soul). Jamie is the cutest thing ever (a little mini man running around the house) and I loved Jack > Kathie's cute adorable doggy!

Keeping busy:
I have been busy creating some little presents for mothers day! :) Post back soon ;)
Lisa xoxxo

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Kathie's Challenge on the Scrapbook Station forum: "Your Favourite Spot"> It's a mess I know but care factor O. lol! (I took this pic this morning). Since it's gotten colder I double up a quilt and park my butt next to the heater to scrap at night! Pure pliss for me! My cat is meant to sleep on the lounge to the left (the one with the blanket) and Neil lays on the big lounge on the right and we watch TV or DVD's together. I have heaps of candles going every night and an oil burner (with 100% essential relaxation oil).
Nic's Challenge on the Scrapbook Station Forum. "Something that bugs you">? (or to that effect). Below is my cat Olivia and she isn't meant to sit on my bed or lounge etc without a blanket. (as sometimes the bugger is wet and dirty and puts hair on my bed). But she refuses to do so! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (ok I know that isn't a good pic of her, lol).
Soon I will post a LO inspired by this Kitchen below :D

Right now I am working on two LO's for the Aussie Dare Site.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In love with *colour*

I am totally inspired by design and art mags. I brought the latest issue of Australia Home Beautiful and the mag rocks! This issue has artist's home! They mix colours and patterns so well and the results are wild!

Below is a kitchen! Omg how totally cool! I was so inspired!
The Background looks like scrap paper doesn't it!
Anyway I brought this PP from the Scrapbook Station store and went wild!
The photo was taken in the holidays of Callum and his mates! :D

Close-up: It's hard to see the depth! But I used heaps of buttons, sequins, beads, studs, jewels stickers and other non-scrapbooking stuff to make the PP came alive!

In other news:
I had a pretty crappy weekend! Neil got called into work so I missed out on going to the SS scrap night! Girls I am soooo sorry! (I love u all). I am pretty upset about it! Neil left for work at 7:30pm, I had all four boys watching DVD's! Then on Sunday Neil had to leave again for work for a 12 hour shift and I wasn't well at all! (my parents helped me out).
I have been tagged by 4 chicks :D
Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write down their seven facts and copy/paste these rules. You then need to tag 7 people. Don't forget to leave them a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. When my mum was pregnant with me > I wasn't expected to live. I almost died at birth.

2. I am a coke zero FREAK! I drink alot of it!

3. I won a major art award when I was 13.

4. I lose myself when I am in committed relationships. (I kinda drop my passions in life for love and I don't know why>?)

5. I get anxious when my house is messy! (Mmmm> three boys and 1 man = major anxiety lol).

6. I love my boys to death and I am a good mum. But I struggle with > 'motherhood'.

7. I have faith in myself. I know that I will do something amazing one day > to better the lives of others > maybe something to do with depression or post-natal depression.

Nic and Kathie I will post your SS challenge tommorrow. :D