Monday, March 31, 2008


My little chicky on his first birthday! ;)

Love me

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My favourite LO this year!

I am lovin magical vintage LO's right now! This is my favourite LO this year! :) It has tiny little pics of my boys! {Click for a close up}

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a great easter break. ;) My break is shared with my kids! I am loving my special time with them! I am a big kid at heart and gave my boy's their easter presents from the easter bunny on Friday night > I couldn't wait.

They got:
2 dvd's each.
1 big educational activity book.
1 set of pokemon trading cards.
1 red tulip bunny.
1 pkt of mixed freddo frogs.
1 pkt of snakes / frogs.
3 mini pkts of movie popcorn.

I focused on "fun stuff" rather then chocolate > which in the end doesn't get eatten and stays in the fridge. Their dad got then chocolate and my parents are going to give them money to spend on themselves today.

Anyway last night I went and saw Horton hears a who!!!!! That movie is brillant!!! I love it so much!!!! Mama's take your kids to see it! Even adults! It's awsome! I have been waiting ages to see it! Before the movie we took the boy's out to dinner which was nice and relaxing! Me and the boys shared buffalo chips, nacho's and a mixed salad! My boys love dips and sauces and stuff like me!

Today I am off to my parents house for lunch! I hope you have a great today!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 Miracles

Finally a layout!!! My beautiful boys aged 1 and 3 in this photo!

Some close ups:
Below my title:

This is my fairy. I cut her body out of PP and I then found some wings and added them on her. (I coloured the wings in with pencils and glitter gel pens). Her head is a stamp!!! ;)

Around the edges I have stuck down black and white ribbon.
The circle is just a punched circle which I have punched tiny little holes into.

Once again I used a heart shapped punched and punched out heaps of hearts. I inked around them in brown inked and then I crushed them up and flattened them out and stuck them on. I then added a layer of clear glittler paint to give them a beautiful sparkle :)

The end!

(I have added comments on again as my email isn't working)

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Monday, March 17, 2008

The one!!!!

* The background was created with different black and white PP's cut into strips and inked.
* The green sticks above are large painted/glittered paddle pop sticks.
* The flowers and leafs are punches that have been inked, crushed and dipped in glitter paint.
* I brought the life like butterflies from spotlight!

I know it's not the best photo *sorry*. The close-up's give a little glimpse of what it like's like in real life. Anyway this layout is sort like a now and then, future and past sort of thing! I love these! This is Owen and me in 2000, he was like 6 months and I would have been 23! And then again in 2007! This tiny little photo was taken on his 7th birthday last year when I was 29!
I called the layout the "The One" because he is the One! My first life, my first baby, my first child, my first born, my first son and my first one and only!
I wanted butterflies in the layout to represent the journey or flight into motherhood!
I have lots more layouts and such to come! :D

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Sorry have taken so long to blog! I have had the flu then and a bad period!

Anyway enough of that! I have done another 2 more layouts! I will try and post something tonight! :)

I posted on Blue Bazaar a few weeks back looking for scrap buddies in Adelaide! Tommorrow I will be catching up with some gals! I can't wait! I hope I remember to bring my camera and take some pics!

It's good to meet new people :D


Saturday, March 01, 2008

More layouts to come......

I have like 6 new layouts to share and I love them! I have been scrapping up a storm! My goal is to create atleast 3 layouts a week! So watch this blog!

All I have to do is to complete the journalling and I'll post another layout tommorrow! I went and got 40 baby and toddler pics developed of my boys! I'm trying to get heaps of the 'important' baby and toddler events and moments scrapped!