Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flickr Swap

I recieved these goodies from a lovely lady on flickr from "PORTUGAL". Each month is a different theme. For example this month we had to buy red, white, or blue fabric, a card, a note pad and a fruit button! She also got her sister to hand make me some cute little titles and things for my scrapbooking.
Have a look:
International Fabric Swaps:
Been so sick > feeling lots better now!

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Friday, July 11, 2008


This is what happen to Caleb after he fell head first off the trampoline! This boy throws and I mean throws himself around while jumping! I had to take him to school looking like this! omg!

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More stuff in the post

More pretty stuff for my boys pages!!! Can't wait to play > I feel lots better now!!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Love

I did this one a few months back! It's my mum holding Owen in the hospital for the first time!! This baby boy is now 8. It's a weird style for me > but I love the end result! I finally used up some of the flowers and ribbons and stuff in my stash

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Etsy goodies!

I love buying from etsy they have so many funky unique items I love!! The goodies above is from the Little Odd Forrest!

I am sick right now! (Better now then next week when I have my boys). Been hanging out around the lounge room by the heater watching foxtel and sorting out my scrap supplies!


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Saturday, July 05, 2008


When I go up and scrap at Debs house this is what our table looks (just the 2 of us mind u) and this is the beautiful Debs!
This lady has such a beautiful heart and soul! LuV Ya!
Today has been a rather slow day for Neil and I. We watched a movie in the morning and Neil has been doing the renovations still in the laundry. Tonight we where meant to be going to a friends house for dinner but she had to cancel due to illnes. Then other friends wanted us to go out for dinner and a movie but Neil and I don't feel like it tonight! (we I don't). I just kinda wanna stay in for the night.

Hope u all have a fun Saturday night in or out!

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Friday, July 04, 2008

My day and Scrap Goodies!

Neil and I both had the day off today! In the morning we dropped the boys off at school and then came home, ate breakfast and watched cheaters and divorce court! (Love it). In the afternoon my brother came over to help fix up the plumbing in our laundry. After that we headed off and had some lunch with him and Emily (his GF)! We had such an awesome time together! After lunch my brother helped Neil set up one of our TV's! Ohhhhh I'm so happy > it's so awesome! I was just so happy before that I rushed down to blockbuster and hired, The Bucket List, Invasion (Nicole Kidman) and The Mist (Stephen King) and got a whole bunch of snacks and ordered pizza!

Here is all the cool stuff I have brought recently from dollar stores and craft stores! I m always on the look out for cute and interesting items to add to my collection! Click on pic for a close up!

Just wanted to record my day.
Now I'm off to watch some more and do some creating!

Happy days!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Totally happy Neil and I got these babies last night delivered to our door! Two beautiful Sony 40 inch LCD TV's, one for our lounge room and one for our family room! Right now we are in the middle of renovating our house. It's driving Neil and I a little insane right now as everything is held up waiting on the kitchen. Even the TV's! But stuff it > we have decided to put up the lounge room TV on the weekend to spoil ourselves!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Two Girls

Just a couple photo's of my two girls! Sometimes they sleep next to me as I am scrapping while watching TV!

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My new girl! She is a pure shitzu puppy and we named her Sophie! Cute hey! So I have two fur baby girls now! She has a totally different temperment to Mia! Mia is shy, a picky eatter, sweet and princess like. Sophie is active, will do anything for food, loving, and crazy fun. I dress the girls up all the time and right now we are in jumper season. I brought them tartan jumpers they other day due to the fact Neil is Scottish! Anyway I am enjoying walking them! My two beautiful girls!
Life is great right now! I hope yours is to!

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Yummy Trims

I totally love looking all the funky stuff people buy for their art and scrapbooking, both from just normal shops to vintage finds! It is just so interesting. People amaze me at their level of creativity. Since I loving seeing what people buy I have decided to add a "Scrap Goodies" photo stream on my flickr so that others may see "MY" interesting scrapfinds!

My first photo is these rockin trims!

Right now I am sooooo loving Kawaii stickers and etsy journalling tabs! ;)