Monday, October 30, 2006

My Christams cards!

These are my xmas cards for 2006! I used American crafts papers, exactly the look I was after! I kept it pretty simple as I have made 50 plus of these little suckers!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog therapy!

The weekend:
I have been super busy this week and managed to get a lot of crappy tasks completed! I finished my tax return, got my car back from the crash repairs and all dental work on my teeth is completed! Grrr but not happy as my lawyer cancelled on me again yesterday!
My dad came and collected my boys this morning so he and mum can spend some quality time with them! *Neil is a wee bit sad, I think (so cute)* But my dad LOVES spending time with the boys doing sports and other boyish stuff! My mum spoils them to death, she will have loads of lollies, bottled drinks, DVD's, toys etc, all ready to go I bet! I love the fact they my parents love them to pieces!
Wednesday is my man's birthday! I am giving him a necklace with a charm that pulls apart and we both wear it! (It is beautiful, round and it states 'God protect us and keep us safe when we are seperate from one another'). I am also going to make him a card and write a long romatic letter for him, telling him how much he means to me. I intend on decorating the lounge room tonight with hearts, ballons, etc, etc, and make him dinner and dessert~! We kinda are in the mood to stay in all the time, so that we can be closer to one another! I love that feeling! All so new to me after nine years!
Just got home from a great day of shopping! Neil brought me new *pink* mobile phone, how cool! Now I only have to wait 24 hours for it to re-charge! Grrr!
Weight loss: I am on a mission to lose as much weight as I can by the 16th December! Neil has a work x-mas party and I want to look hot!!! lol! No junk food for me for a while! (I will try and post my progress). I have already lost alot of weight so I know I can do it! If I do good my reward is new clothes, shoes, etc!
Scrapbooking and stuff!
I have started making a 8x8 mini album to send over to Scottland as a wedding present to Neils family. I am also in the process of making 50 x-mas cards! (I bet I will have to make more). 20 plus will be sent to Scottland and other parts of Europe as Neils has 11 brothers and sisters OMG!!!! I am also planning on sending each of them a x-mas parcel with all little things from oz, so I better get my act together!
I also brought a load of beautiful ribbon, glitter chipboard letters and a got heap of pics developed of me and Neil to create a beautiful LO for our album! (I plan on giving it to him on Wednesday for his birthday).
That's enough for me! It's so therapeutic to write like this even if no one reads it!!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Awesome weekend!!

I had a totally rocking weekend!!! No kids!! (Andrew has my boys all this week). On Friday nights Neil and I walk down to the local pub for tea! They have totally yummy food! We sit in the keno section, eat, drink, talk and watch TV on the big plasma screen! So relaxing!! I love our Friday nights together! When we get home we usually watch TV and have some snacks while we watch a movie! I woke up at 3am with another toothache so I took some nurofen and watched a movie and scrapbooked until 5am! I finished this layout of Neil and our three boys in bed! Love this photo and I love the layout to although it scanned up crap!
Journalling reads: Neil you are a good man and a wonderful dad to Callum and my boys and for that I am very thankful. What is special about you is that you "invest your time and energy" into the boys. You don't just buy them off like other parents do. I have seen you on a number of occassions give up your spare time just to play with them. You take Callum down to the football oval, you help Caleb kick the ball and watch Owen play his x-box games. You are natural, not fake and a big kid at heart and that is why I love you! xoxox Lisa
On saturday Neil and I went shopping to get mum a birthday present! I found this amazing little shop with so many beautiful things! I brought her a beautiful lace table runner, a gold beaded candle holder, two beaded pears (to display in her kitchen) and this sweet little teddy bear (very oldie looking). Neil stood in the shop watching me, holding all of the stuff while I went crazy looking around! He later told me that the shop assistant looked at him and smiled as if to say (no other guy would do that). On saturday night we stayed in and ordered pizza and watched a horror movie called Room 6 (totally crap)! On Sunday we went to the Barrosa for my mum's birthday! We had such an amazing time! My mum loved her presents and the big bunch of flowers we gave her!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

~Me is Four~

"Me is four". That's how Caleb talks! He has the cutest little voice!!! But is soooo naughty! Anyway my youngest little chicken turned four not so long ago! I just finished the LO off today! I did it for the Elsie challenge #12 (use the same shape many times on a LO). Will post on twopeas, Monday! The layout lifts up to journalling, a birthday pic and a photo of his presents! Lift ups are good for hiding everything, so much neater! Cheers :)

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~Mini Album~

A mini album I made for my mum way back in May! These are just a few of the pages :) *Hard to scan mini albums *sorry*

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Mr incredible and pics from weekend!

These are just some pics from this weekend! Owen and his new xbox game and Caleb and his new football boots! Ohhh and MR Incredible taken 5 minutes ago! :)

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~Monthly Anniversary~

Journalling reads: On the 13th day of every month we celebrate another month we have been together, kinda like our monthly anniversary. It's funny Neil because you forget all the 'normal day to day things' but not our monthly anniversary. How sweet, 5 months together, October 13th 2006.
I finished this layout Sunday night, so happy! I did this for the Elsie challenge number 11 on two peas website. The challenge was to scraplift a colour combination. My scraplift came from this abstract piece of art called Calm (painted by Kenny Primmer). The colour combinations are browns, a touch of red and light blue. I don't often use abstract art for colour combinations so this was an interesting challenge for me. I plan on creating a couple more layouts this week based on this challenge!

My boys:
Caleb got a pair of football boots and sports clothes and Owen got a Harry Potter x-box game on the weekend! Made them so happy! Little buggers! I have a sticker chart going for the boys if the they are good they get 1 sticker! Goes for the whole week, if they get 10 stickers they get a toy (last time Caleb got a wrestling man and Owen a superman action figure).

I have to admit I wasn't myself this weekend, bit moody I was! I think having a tummy ache and my back tooth taken out last week gives me abit of an excuse! Not really! I hate feeling this crappy way! I have decided to try and take one day at a time! My friend Amy an honours student in Psychology, told me about a month ago, that my health problems (anxiety and depression) combined with other sufferings such as a bitter marriage break-up etc, etc, may take up to a few years to get over. So I think stuff it, I am going to allow myself time to heal and not get so annoyed with myself! The medication I am taking has helped quite a bit! But has other crappy side effects, like that it makes me so tired! I think that people who have never been on medication of this sort, can't possibly understand how different it can make you feel! When I am lying on the lounge, I feel so guilty that I am not doing other things. Also when I feel different (moody or whatever) I just want to be by myself (scrapbooking or watching a DVD), but it is hard when you have two boys and a new man that has just come into your life! I brought the book "the art of happiness" by the Dalai Lama a month ago, I need to start reading it, to see if I can alter my mind set!

I have Caleb at home today and he has been a good little Mr incredible (he is playing with his dress ups and has Mr incredible on, lol). I have watered the lawn (we are in the process of growing new lawn out the back), done 4 loads of washing, just have to hang it out! All I need to do now is do the dishes, collect Owen from school, go to the shops, take the DVD's back, cook tea, lol, it never ends! I tell ya, I will be chilling out tonight after the kids have gone to bed!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Our 3 AmAzInG Boys!

These are some photo's of ours Boys taken last weekend! (Callum 10, Owen 6 and Caleb 4). Love how a spray painted wall can bring out their individual personalities :) I had to have my back tooth taken out yesterday! Man that was not fun! Tuesday night I was in pain from 2am until 11am the next day! I was out of it for most of yesterday night, so not much scrapbooking done! I hope to finish off a couple of layouts tonight fingers crossed! Getting into scrapbooking again and man it feels so good!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Postnatal Depression!

It's 1am in the morning and I still haven't gone to sleep! Neil is snoring his head off on the lounge as I write this lol! Anway here is a layout close to my heart! It's about the postnatal depression I have suffered for the past 5 or so years! I only got treated for it last year.
Journalling still needs work:
Last year, the year 2005 was one of the worst years of my life for many reasons! One reason I hated that year so much was because my depression that I had been hiding away for so many years, came out with full effects. March 2005: My boys specialist doctor, noticed that I looked extremelely run down, tired and on the verge of a breakdown. She pleaded for me to go on anti-depressants for a while, just until I felt that I could cope again. Half of me thought to myself "I don't think so, I am studying Behavioural Science and that is my area of expertise" and the other half was thinking "How cool would it be if this medicine worked, it could change my life". I put my ego away and decided to give them ago, she prescribed me a form of prozac. I took the medication for two weeks and I felt no better. The doctor told me they take up to a month to work. A month later I was in a terrible state psychologically and emotionally. My dose was then doubled. This is when I went from being depressed to extrememly out of control depressed. I was no longer in charge of myself and my moods where all over the place. I had hit rock bottom. I thought that I was going insane, I thought I was going to die and I thought my life was over. My boys specialist booked me in to see a psychiatrist the next day and suggested that hospital might be a good place for me right now. "No way I thought and I was so not going". I went to see Dr Tingay one of the best adult psychiatrists in Adelaide. She diagnosed me as having severe postnatal depression with an anxiety disorder. After months and months of psychotherapy and the correct medication, she saved my life! I was shocked that I could have postnatal depression 3 years after having a baby. I thought that was a bit bizzare at first, but when I really thought about it, it wasn't! I never got the help I needed 5 years ago after having my first child. As the years went on the depression just got worst, until I wasn't able to cope anymore. For me I was tired most of the time, I feared everything, I had major panic attacks, I was breathless, I had rapid heart rate, I couldn't connect with my children, I couldn't think clearly, I had no motivation to live, life scared me to death and I didn't want to be here. I am so glad that I got the help I needed! No one has to suffer this terrible illness. Now 1 year on I am almost fully recovered! I still take antidepressants but of another type and for another reason. My life has changed completetly from a year ago! I love my life now and I have the passion and desire to live. In some ways I would not take back what I have been through as I have learnt so much and gained so much academic and life experience from it. Now I don't take life for granted and I enjoy every moment, how cool is that!!!!

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am on a roll! :)

Another Layout! Owen's school pic is inside! I hate scrapbooking school pics with a passion! I am pretty happy with how this has turned out! I have been in a scrapbooking rut for so long now (nearly 5 months)! OmG! Seems like a life time! Far out! Anyway getting my mojo back, I scrapped nearly all of yesterday! Loved that!!!! My happy place outside, warm air, NO KIDS watching neil in the garden and the birds eatting the seeds I hung in the trees! Scrapbooking the day away, what bure bliss! Nearly completed two layouts, WOW! So happy with myself! I also brought 4 albums yesterday (eek $80) to add to the another 2 a brought about a week ago! Now I have six albums on the go, (1 family album, 1 brothers album, 1 album, for me and Neil, 1 for Callum, 1 for Owen and 1 for Caleb). 120 layouts to add, omg! 3 layouts done and 117 to go to fill them up! May the force be with me!!

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